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Arthroscopic bankart's repair is a telescopic surgery just like laparoscopy with 2 to 3 small hole, 5 to10ml blood loss and no stitches with immediate comfort after surgery almost without .physiotherapy. Needs 4-6 weeks for full recovery. - Shoulder is a ball & socket joint, the socket is formed by the glenoid of scapula bone and the ball is the head of arm bone - Shoulder usually dislocate to front - Front part of the labrum is turn from the glenoid and slipped from its position due to dislocation - 2-4 anchors is usually drilled to glenoid and the thread coming out from the anchrors eye is fixed to torn labrum - Which is then pulled back to its original position on glenoid border to make a hood to the humeral head and prevent it from dislocation - Immediate post -op physiotherapy and arm pouch & no piaster - It is a permanent solution - Patient can go back to his normal duty by 4-6 weeks and sports after 6 months