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Patient under anesthesia placed in modified knee & chest position. A special localizing device with two arms under image intensifier or c-arm is used for determination of point of skin incision. The operating tube is placed on the laminae after a small skin incision and a hole in deep fascia and retraction of soft tissue. The working insert has integrated channel for telescope with 3 additional channels, one for suction tube and the other for operating instruments like disc forceps and the other for nerve root retractor.There is an angle of 12 degree between the working channel and the telescope channel. Because of this special design, the tip of the instrument is visible throughout the surgery and injury of deep structures is avoided. The entire procedure is performed under constant Video-Endoscopic control via the monitor screen and the nerve is guarded by nerve root retractor. Resection of a bit of superior lamiae and part of intervertebral articulation and the yellow ligament (ligamentum flavum) ,nerve root  and dural  sac is exposed . The disc space is exposed and the free fragments of the disc are removed and a partial discectomy is performed. The disc cavity is irrigated with normal saline and inspected by telescope.